Slot Machine Strategy: The only strategy you’ll ever need

When it comes to online pokies strategy, many players will claim that there is no such thing. We would beg to differ, as we think that you can apply a Slot machine strategy that could boost your chances of winnings. Without much further ado, let’s dive into the most prominent slot machine strategy that you will come across and how to increase your wins.

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Slot Machine Strategy: Budgeting

Even though the mysterious world of online pokies can be a big place to get lost into, it does not mean that there are no tips and ideas on how to boost your chances of striking a win. We can share with you some top tips and advice which you can take into account to learn how to win at online pokies.

When it comes on the best online casinos NZ and having an online pokies strategy, the way forward is to take the tried and tested approach. If you want to make your online gambling experience last as long as possible, the best way to do is to pick an online pokie that best suits your bankroll as well as your budget. You wouldn’t want to choose a game and make maximum bets. It’s too high a risk.

Many players get ahead of themselves and take silly risks, burning through their bankroll very early on. Just like buying a car, if you can’t afford a BMW, then you buy a vehicle that can be easily maintained and fits your budget.

Similarly, if you have NZ$100 to burn on a gambling session, you would need smaller bets to make the session stretch out. One of the biggest benefits of playing online pokies is that since there are hundreds and thousands of online pokies real money NZ to choose from, you can easily find a game that suits your budget. If you have a smaller budget, you can still enjoy some gaming time.

One of the most basic rules we wish to impart is that you should always pick wisely, and have a win and loss limit in place. If you hit either threshold, call it quits. If you hit a winning streak, and you’ve doubled your money, withdraw half of it, so at least you’ve covered yourself against the initial deposit.

Slot Machine Strategy: Maximum Betting

This one is a bit controversial. Some players swear that maximum betting is the way forward if you are looking to win a jackpot. Before anything, though, you need to decipher how many coins you are willing to bet and their worth.

When we speak about a slot machine strategy, you need to understand the value of coins. Making a $1 bet on a spin is the equivalent of betting 4 $0.25 spins, except that the former will give you bigger wins since it is multiplied.

The way it works is that many online pokies real money NZ offer multipliers on wins. When you make a maximum bet, your winnings are multiplied by a higher number that amounts to the sum wagered. Additionally, many claim that jackpots that are often tied to progressive games, as well as regular ones, are prompted when you go for the maximum bet spin.

Your odds tilt slightly in your favour when you are placing maximum bets. However, always look at the pay table and info sheet before you start playing. And if possible, play the game in demo mode first, to understand how it works.

Slot Machine Strategy: Paylines

To make the best out of any possible situations in terms of a slot machine strategy, you need to comprehend the purpose of the pay lines fully. A pay line is one of the most vital expects of online pokies strategy since they mostly are the ones that reward you with wins.

The number of coins you bet as well as the number of paylines is what will effect the wins by decreasing volatility and boosting your chances of winning a jackpot.

Online pokies come with a variety of available paylines. Some can have as much as 25 paylines, and others might ask you to bet on all paylines in order to stand a chance of winning.

When it comes to progressive jackpot pokies such as Mega Moolah or slot games with numerous paylines, you need to be extra-careful with how much you bet. If you had to bet on a slot game with 243 paylines, you are at risk of losing your bankroll in one go.

What are the odds of slot machines?

Unless you are playing a live casino game or table games, the odds of winning online pokies are relatively smaller since the house edge works against you. Let’s take the game of live blackjack, for example. The player can effectively diminish the house edge to around 1% if the right strategy is applied.

Since online pokies require no decision-making, the game is wholly left to chance. Since online pokies use random number generators, online slots have been built in a way that the casino ultimately always wins.

All casino games have different odds in place that could result in bigger or smaller wins. The most significant difference though lies with the house edge. The only way of beating it is by finding what is known as a ‘loose’ pokie machine.

Slot Machine Strategy: Top tips and tricks

There are quite a few basic strategies to consider when you are playing online pokies. You need to apply them before you start playing slots games and they should help you win and have a better online gambling experience in general.

Choose your game

Picking an online pokie is one of the most prominent decisions when you log into your online casino account. There are thousands of slot games on offer, but running simple research should be able to inform you which are low paying and which are highly lucrative.

You should try to avoid low payout pokies because your chances of winning back money are highly unlikely to be successful. Many video pokies have payout rates of 98% and higher. These are the ones you should look out for. Anything that has less than 95% payout should be avoided.

How do you go about spotting these slot games? Anything flashy or with a strange theme usually is a low paying slot game. Browse through the games and read reviews to find a game that works best for you.

Budget for your session

Another essential factor to keep in mind is the bankroll you have available for an online gambling session. If you have a bankroll of $100 and you are spending $2 a spin, your bankroll will dissipate very quickly. Sure, you might stand a chance at winning a jackpot, but the risks are a lot higher when you don’t have enough cash to finance a more extended gambling session.

Have a betting strategy in place and stick to it. Keep your better within your limits and pick the best payout slot games to make sure that your bankroll lasts as long as possible. This will give you the best possible chance of winning and without cutting your session short.

Pick the right jackpots

Everyone wants to win a prize, so as you can imagine the competition for a progressive jackpot is quite high. Every player would like to win life-changing sums, but what many players fail to take into consideration is that many jackpot games have higher volatility. If you don’t win the jackpot, which you were highly unlikely to succeed in the first place, the payouts will be much smaller, and your bankroll will drain quickly.

Instead of opting for online pokies wit big jackpots, you should look for lower volatile pokies with payouts that are a little more moderate. Sure, the payouts won’t be massive, but if you keep winning regularly, you have a good chance of walking away with a nifty sum.

Call it quits

This is a tough one as many players would instead blow all their money playing then knowing when to stop. Instead of leaving, they bet their entire bankroll is hoping that the next spin will be the lucky one.

If you follow the previous steps religiously, you should know how much you should be betting per spin and according to your budget. Don’t make the mistake of increasing or decreasing bets mid-play but stick to one consistent bet size and keep playing until you hit that threshold.